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The Weak Believer (2338)

The Weak Believer

Author: Shaykh Aboo Nasr Muhammad al-Imaam
Publisher: Maktabatul Irshad
Style: PB
Pages: 382
Size: 6.5x9.5in
ISBN: 978-1-6331-5710-1

Every human being is inherently weak. Allah says, "Man was created weak, Al-Allamah ibn Al-Qayyim pointed out after citing the statements of the interpreters:
"The correct view is that a human’s weakness comprises all the following aspects: physical appearance, determination, knowledge, and patience beside vulnerability to defects. Therefore, one is always in desperate need of a supporter who confers power and assistance on him. If he lacks this aid, loss is inevitable.
Interestingly, his creation in this state is an advantage (because) it requires gratitude to Allah (Glory be to Him) for it. This is a sign of Allah’s wisdom and might and whatever comes from this of creation is considered good, just, and wise in relation to Allah.”
Weakness is mentioned in the Qur’an in terms of mankind’s need for Allah. Allah says, "O mankind! It is you who stand in need of Allah, but Allah is Rich (Free of all needs), Worthy of all praise.” Ibn AI-Qayyim explains this verse:
“Allah revealed the essence of mankind. They constantly stand in need of Allah. By contrast, He informed us of the essence of Himself, Who stands needless and is worthy of praise. Thus, absolute need is associated with mankind’s, nature, whereas absolute self-sufficiency is associated with Allah’s Divine Entity. The neediness of the human being (for Allah) is inevitable, as is the self-sufficiency of Allah, since the human must be human only and the Lord can be only the Lord.”

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